Will You Miss Out on Bitcoin Profits This Time Around?

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Gal Mux


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I first heard about Bitcoin at least six years ago.

Even though I read about it and kind of understood what it was all about, I did not bother to check it out more wanting to own or to even know how I could get some.

At that point, one BTC was going for $1000. I remember thinking it was a lot of money for a thing that existed on the internet and was not known by many people. Of course, I didn’t give it any more thought.

How I wish I had!

Then the pandemic hit and most of us were stuck at home and like me were looking for an extra way to make money online.

That’s how I learnt about crypto trading and how I came to know about Binance the crypto exchange.

Back then one BNB, the house token of the exchange was trading at about $35. A few months after I joined the exchange, the same coin was going for a high of $600+. Had I known about buying and holding back then, I would have multiplied my money at least 5 times just by letting it sit and doing nothing. As I write this story, it is currently trading at $335. Had I held on to it, I would still be operating on profits.

Bitcoin was trading at about $9000 back then. A few months later it hit $69,000. Today it is trading at $27,000. Again, had I bought it back then I would still be profitable.

Even though crypto and traditional markets have been under a rough bear season with their prices plummeting in the past two years or so, the beginning of 2023 came with unexpected surges.

Facebook shares rose 20% earlier in the year leaving shareholders smiling. Other stocks experienced some small rises.

Bitcoin however has proven to be the king of investments as it has surged almost 50% in the past three months with 30% happening in just the past seven days. Any person who bought it at the beginning of the year at $15,000 a piece is operating on profits.

BTC is projected to reach $30,000 in the next few days, and at least $50,000 by end of the year.



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