Will Smith At The Oscars Is Rich Privilege On Display

Gal Mux
4 min readMar 28, 2022
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Have you seen that viral clip of Will Smith smacking Oscar host Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife?

The act has left many people divided.

One, Jada Smith is suffering from Alopecia a condition that leads a person to lose their hair. She has opened up about her struggles with it on several occasions in the past.

At the Oscars, Chris Rock took a jab at Jada Smith’s bald head. From available footage, at first, the Smiths who were seated front row even though reluctantly, seemed to laugh at the joke.

But on seeing his wife visibly upset moments after, Will Smith stood up and went on stage to confront Chris Rock. He slapped him, then walked back to his seat where he let out a warning to the host.

Keep my wife out of your fucking mouth.”

Chris Rock who is visibly embarrassed and in shock agrees to it. And like the professional he is, continues with the show.


Many have voiced that Will Smith was right to defend his wife. She is after all suffering and he needed to stand up for her.

Others even called the act sexy. Adding that a man defending his woman’s honour is very appealing. They even voiced that more men should take cues from Smith. That such men were becoming an endangered species.

Many were quick to condemn Will Smith however. Taking jabs at celebrities at the Oscars is what hosts do they pointed. The Smiths who have probably laughed at jokes about other celebrities at such ceremonies should have swallowed the bitter pill and moved on.

Other opinions condemned Will Smith’s acts of violence and profanity. Especially at such a prestigious occasion that was also being broadcasted live to millions globally.

On this point, many praised Chris Rock for his professionalism and composure at the act of physical aggression towards him. He even tried to lighten the moment by attempting to joke about it.

Other opinions however were quick to point out that comedians had in recent times turned into bullies. And that Chris Rock deserved what he got. They added that it should be a lesson to other comedians who have also…

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