What Is Good Dick Anyway?

Gal Mux
4 min readDec 2, 2020
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Good dick to me is girth not length. And on an owner who knows how to use it.

And if the head is bigger than the dick itself, the better, because the pain and discomfort at penetration soon turns into sweet pleasure when he begins to stroke.

But why rely on only what I think? I asked a few of my friends what good dick is to them and this is what they said.

Judy* / F/ 32

A good dick is clean and strong. If it is curved, the sweeter. And it has to be of reasonable size. A slim one is a no no.

Perp* /F/ 34

A good dick is a thick, long and a curved one.

Mila*/ F/ 31

It's gotta be thick
Needs to run the whole mile
Hygiene is paramount.
The length is important too. That coupled with thickness. It let's you know someone's in there and your walls appreciate the work done.

Reri*/ F/ 31

Was too shy to answer.

Waach*/ F/ 31

Medium in size.

Tak*/ F/ 31

Reasonable size and makes me cum at least twice🙈🙈 while in session. It has to be clean too.

Tea* / M/ 30

From a guys perspective, it’s a big vein popping hard on.

But from what I have learnt, good dick is an experience. Like how a nigga strokes, how long a nigga lasts before nutting. Curved dick or straight dick, that’s according to a ladies preference.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Ran*/M/ 27

I think a dick with good smooth skin... Proportionally sized head. Ahh.. maybe a bit veiny looking. Not bent in any direction 😂. And I suppose that balls have to come into play too. Two nice round balls.

Gulu* / M/ 48

A good penis is nice and long and one that can satisfy a woman. It should also be one that can last long.

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