5 Things I Learnt Working In A Team With Lawyers

Gal Mux
3 min readOct 27, 2020
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In the beginning of my career I was lucky enough to be recruited into a team consisting of different professionals supporting them under various capacities. Majority in the team were lawyers.

It didn’t turn out to be what I had initially expected. Here is what I noticed about lawyers.

  1. They really just wanna’ be startin’ somethin’

As corporate lawyers hired to protect the interests of the company, they had to peruse numerous boring documents looking for loopholes or ways the contents of these documents touched on the companies operations.

Sometimes there was something. And sometimes there was nothing at all. But this didn’t stop warning letters or numerous other documents to be sent or received. Some completely unnecessary and unwarranted if you ask me.

If there was nothing. They’d start it!

Citing attacks, insinuating discrimination, wanting explanations… very sinister if you ask me.

2.They think they are the smartest people in the room

“Are you arguing with a lawyer?” was the question asked whenever you raised a counter argument to anything they said.

“ You never argue with a lawyer.” was another.

Just because lawyers are trained to find loopholes in situations and to play around with words, it does not mean they always have the best argument, train of thought or are the people that can articulate their ideas the best.

3. Some lawyers hate it!

The legal profession can be a very boring one. A desk full of dull documents all waiting for you to read even the fine print on a day to day basis. Mostly looking for something to twist to your advantage.

Wearing a dull suit and a tie everyday because ‘that’s how lawyers should dress…’

Can you compare it with a photographer who gets to travel the world taking amazing pictures and meeting diverse people? Or a youtuber opening exciting gifts for audiences on the regular and getting paid for it?

There is always the bad side to many lines of work, but few can get as dull as the legal profession.

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