The Milk Crate Challenge Is Stupid

There I said it!

Gal Mux
5 min readSep 1, 2021


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

You might have come across this trending challenge on social media where participants stack up several empty plastic milk crates on top of each other to create a pyramid. They then climb this milk crate pyramid and walk on top of it attempting to get off on the other side.

Most of the participants never make it to the other side though. When they reach the middle and tallest stack and attempt to step on the next lower step, the unstable pyramid of milk crates caves in and crumbles with them on top leading to their fall.

Another part of this milk crate challenge is the audience who are cheering the participants on with some recording the event and then rushing to post it to their social media.

The stupidity of it

The milk crates are stacked up with the base facing upwards to provide participants with the surface area to step on. This leaves the weaker tops acting as support for the crates stacked on each other.

Without a strong base to support the weight of the people climbing, the pyramid is bound to crumble when subjected to the pressure of a heavy object.

The people climbing these crates are not wearing any protective gear. As the falls are unpredictable, a person participating in this challenge could suffer serious injuries. They could break or sprain their wrists, ankles, or neck and could break their noses, or chins from the sudden falls. Depending on the angle of their fall and the quality of the milk crates, they could also suffer cuts or bruises from the plastic. Doctors have warned of the many possible medical risks that could result from an accident.

In a global pandemic where medical services are strained, and medical personnel overworked, I cannot wrap my head around why any sane person would choose to risk their health and life in this way. Especially when the benefits derived are the satisfaction of entertaining others or garner some cheers from an audience and possible views, likes, and comments on social media.

I have even seen a few videos of people who are clearly drunk or holding alcoholic beverages attempting the challenge. They are not stable enough to walk even and yet they choose to participate in…



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