The 0ne Reason You Shouldn’t Buy iPhone 14 Just Yet

Gal Mux
2 min readSep 14, 2022
Photo by Luka Petranović on Unsplash

iPhone 14 has been released by Apple. Yiiiieh!

I can imagine iPhone enthusiasts are clamouring for it eager to see what its features are and how its functions hoover over its predecessors.

I have read some reviews online and even watched a couple of videos about it on YouTube. Social media posts particularly on Twitter have also proven very helpful.

Based on this, I can conclude that even though the iphone 14 is a cool phone to have, it isn’t very much different from the previous iPhones in functionality.

And you know what? Don’t buy the newly released iPhone 14 just yet.

You know why? Because you stand a chance to win a brand new iPhone 13 Pro simply by joining Binance today.

And if you wouldn’t wish for the iPhone 13 Pro, once you are selected as the winner, you can request to have the cash equivalent instead which you can top up and buy the iPhone 14 if you desire it.

Great deal right!?

So what are you waiting for!

Don’t buy the new iPhone 14 yet. Join Binance today and stand a chance to win an iPhone.

This offer lasts until the 22nd of October 2022, so hurry and make good use of this great opportunity.

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