Stop Everything You Are Doing And Watch Orphan:First Kill!

A review- (spoiler alert)

Gal Mux


A decade+ after the first film came out, this movie is a must-watch!

It tells the story of Leena a 33-year-old woman suffering from a rare form of dwarfism that leaves her looking like a 9-year-old.

Leena is conniving and manipulative. She uses her condition to take advantage and hurt others to achieve her selfish objectives.

The plot

Just like in the first film, we find Leena in an institution. Unlike the orphanage, she was in the first film, this time Leena is in Saarne Institute a secure mental institution in her native country of Estonia.

In there, it is revealed that she causes a lot of trouble and has been labelled the institution’s most dangerous patient.

After manipulating a gullible employee, Leena manages to lure him to open her steel door, further uses his weaknesses against him, kills him and navigates through the tight security of the institution to escape.

She manages to hide in the boot of the newly recruited art therapist’s car as she is on her way home, hurts before killing her and spends the night in her apartment where she connives her next plan of action.

She searches the internet for missing children and manages to find one Esther from America who resembles her.

Leena’s plan is to grift her way into infiltrating the missing girl’s family. And she succeeds — at least so far!

The twists!

At this point in the film, viewers are shocked, are holding their stomachs and shaking their heads.

At least 3 murders have occurred at Leena’s hands, yet a wealthy American woman comes and collects her supposedly lost daughter without doing the many thorough checkups we would expect anyone would to ensure that they in fact have the right child!

I found myself wondering why they couldn’t incorporate DNA tests, or fingerprint matches etc. I know the film is set decades ago when this technology may not have been as advanced as it is today, but what could have been the issue?



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