Now Is The Perfect Time To Get Into Crypto — Do not be left behind!

Here’s why

Gal Mux
7 min readApr 8, 2022


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Crypto is the future!

At only 13 years old, this financial revolution is still young but gaining momentum exponentially.

A lot of people are intimidated by crypto because the concept of money on blockchain is new to them. Also, learning it with all the jargon you find there is not as easy.

But learning about it and early enough will place an enthusiast in a better position to benefit from this revolution.

Binance Academy is the best place to learn about crypto. I was finding a hard time learning myself until I discovered Binance Academy.

Start learning about crypto as soon as possible because now is the perfect time to get into it.

Here’s why.

Bitcoin has stood the test of time

Bitcoin - the rock upon which all crypto is built has stood the test of time.

Many keep predicting that its price will fall to zero but that has not happened even in a global pandemic. As matter of fact, it soared to new heights during the pandemic.

At the start of it, it was trading at $7000. It even went up to $69,000. Currently, it’s trading at $45,000. When it crashed earlier in the year, it didn’t go below $28,000. Any person that bought it 2 years ago is still operating on profits. The trend is bullish in the long run.

I predict Bitcoin is going to go past the $200,000 mark in the next few years. With most of it already mined, scarcity will drive more people to buy it which will push prices further up.

To benefit from this, getting it now will be a wise move!

Imagine if you had bought it at $7,000 less than 3 years ago? You would be making money while you sleep.

Don’t allow yourself to miss out on this great opportunity now that you are aware of it.



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