I Made $1263 This Week Trading Crypto On Binance

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Gal Mux
4 min readApr 2, 2023
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I discovered crypto trading during the pandemic. Just about the same time that I discovered Medium.

With most of us at home and looking for extra ways to bring in an income, I was hooked on the idea of crypto trading when I first heard about it. It looked super interesting to me. And super needed.

I then embarked on a serious learning curve where I read and watched all I could about it. This translated to me writing and publishing several pieces about it as I went along.

These pieces where I share information about crypto and trading it have attracted a good audience with a few being evergreen receiving hundreds of views every single day.

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My crypto strategy involves purposing to make $100 every single day. Of course, one could purpose to make more based on their strategy but I find setting a manageable figure to be super helpful since it helps me curb my greed which allows me to lock in my profits and prevents over-trading. Of course on some days and with tact, I surpass my profit goals.

I also prefer to trade a sizeable account as opposed to a small or large account since a smaller account requires more effort to turn in profits and trading a large account can be super stressful especially since a small drop in prices leads to a significant loss. For example, if trading a $10,000 account, a 10% drop in prices translates to you losing $1000 there and then. The emotions needed to deal with this can affect a trader’s trades. That’s why I do not choose to trade a bigger account even if I could. Also, there might not be enough liquidity to fulfill orders placed on a big account which can mess up a trader’s trading strategy with the leftovers called 'dust’.

With crypto attempting a recovery since the almost two-year bear market, many coins especially in credible exchanges are not doing crazy highs of like 100% + gains in a day yet like they would usually do in a fully-fledged bull market. Many top coins are reaching highs of about 30–50%.

With these rises and by using margin trading, I have managed to turn $1263 in profits this week on Binance.

Here’s the screenshot.

Screenshot by the author

I can tell you that it’s more money than I have ever made on Medium in a week let alone a month!

To be honest, I have never found such a lucrative money-making venture before. The flexibility of making money on my phone without needing to talk to anyone, rely on them for a boost, or meet another person’s goals or needs is super convenient for me.

With alt season coming where Bitcoin which has been soaring in 2023 steps aside and allows altcoins to shoot to the moon, I am confident I will turn in more profits. I might even adjust my strategy and set out to make $300 or more a day.

Learning a new skill is super vital to surviving in our current world. And learning to trade crypto has been super helpful for me. Read my past stories about trading crypto to help you learn to make money this way.

Conduct your own research and join a credible exchange to begin your crypto trading journey. I recommend Binance as it’s where I have been trading for almost three years now with no issues at all.

By using my link to join, you will receive $300 worth of free crypto which will come in very handy during your trades.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the upcoming bull season. Seize the moment and turn in profits as I have. If I can, you can too.



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