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I Am Tired Of People Constantly Questioning The Paternity Of Michael Jackson’s Children.

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According to a song he wrote, Michael Jackson took his baby to a doctor because she had a fever. The doctor didn’t find anything but by the time it hit the streets, the story was that she had had a breakdown.

The fabrications that people spread!

My brother and his wife recently had a child. They both look nothing like me. And guess what, their son looks exactly like me! Had he been switched at birth and given to me, no one would ever have known!

Genetics is not a perfect science. I have seen a set of short parents give birth to giants. I have seen brown eyed parents produce children with blue eyes. Not so good looking parents give birth to the most picturesque children. Grumpy parents give birth to the most jovial of kids.

You also must have seen those sets of twins born of parents from different ethnicities that physically look like they are of different races, haven’t you?

It’s OK to question or to be curious about the things that we don’t understand in my opinion. It’s human. But what are the limits? Where does it stop?

Because of his massive talent, fame, fortune and success, Michael Jackson and anything or anyone related to him attracts a lot of public attention. Good and bad. In my opinion, the crazy stories perpetuated of him in the tabloids over the decades spill over to shape some opinions on this topic of paternity.

To be honest, I’d rather not get into it. Spending some minutes of my life being this petty. And I apologise in advance to the three for even doing this. I am actually ashamed. But because I feel it needs to come to a stop, here I go…

His eldest son Prince looks exactly like Joe Jackson’s brother Luther. Google him. The squint on the sides of Prince’s eyes are like those of his grandfather Joe and his cousin TJ.

When describing him at the moment of his birth, Michael Jackson said lovingly of his first child, “He came out with this big and it reminded me of my grandfather and my brother Randy.”

Prince has also has been confirmed to have vitiligo, a hereditary condition that causes the skin to lose its pigmentation just like his…



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