A fan holds a sign outside the Santa Barbara court house in 2005

How Can We Ever Say Sorry To Michael Jackson?

Gal Mux
8 min readOct 27, 2020


Shall we ever experience that magic again? Will there ever be another human being that will create such electrifying excitement? Will the world ever witness that level of talent ever again? Will the world ever create such a global superstar again?

But also, has there ever been such a globally humiliated man?

Michael Jackson reached the highest pinnacles of fame possible for any human being. Any level of fame that he reached, he had wanted it! Carefully calculated it.

A star since the age of five, he got bigger and bigger through the decades. News stories were about how great he was, how talented, how electrifying, how amazing… Until he got too big!

What goes up must come down, right?

They build you up just to tear you down, don’t they?

And that is where the negative stories started. If they have already exhausted all the wonderful stories about you, what else can they say? There must be a market for the what ifs…

Even though some of the controversial stories about Jackson are reported to have originated from his camp, the press — particulary the tabloid press ran with it creating their own sensational stories looking to sell papers to the ever curious public about this super talented and elusive superstar.

The lies were rehashed so much they became the truth. Tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth they say.

Michael Jackson became a global joke. A laughing stock. His talent, success, work and inspirations were sidelined paving way for the crazy narrative.

That is probably why a lot of us growing up believed in these lies. They were the only angle whose supply you could get consistently. And because he didn’t deny the lies as they came refusing to bring more attention to them, he left the public to run with whatever information they got.

He bleached his skin, he wasn’t proud of being black, he slept in a hyperbaric chamber to counter his normal aging, he is gay, his children are not his… among other piles of hogwash that I do not wish to get into.



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