Earn a Guaranteed $300 a Month Creating Quality Crypto Content for Binance

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Gal Mux
3 min readJul 10, 2022


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Let’s be honest. Writing on Medium is no longer that lucrative.

Even the top writers are complaining from all corners.

But you already have the skills, the platform, and the voice so quitting publishing on Medium is not a smart option.

The smart option is to exploit the opportunities and resources you already have to create content that guarantees you an income.

And this brings us to creating quality content for Binance for a guaranteed $300 a month.

Here is how it goes.

First, you have to understand crypto and Binance.

It might be intimidating at first but believe me, after a while, it flows easily like water.

Binance is the largest crypto currency exchange in the world. In a single day, Binance pushes trades to the tune of $170 billion. $40 billion on a really slow one. In 2021 their revenues were $20 billion.

Second, you have to have a Binance account. Create an account here if you haven’t already. It’s easy peasy. You have to have a Binance account as you get paid through it.

If you are already trading on Binance even better because they have to check your account to see that you have some hands-on knowledge of what you are talking about.

Note that trading on it is not a must but it is an added advantage. But having a Binance account is a must. Remember that’s how you receive your rewards after creating quality content.

Third, if you have an audience of more than 5000 followers or subscribers, you can become a Binance affiliate directly and start earning rewards sooner.

Fourth, if you do not have an audience at all or have a small audience, you simply join the Binance Affiliate Rewards Bootcamp.

In the Bootcamp, you will be taught about Binance and its products for a few weeks. This is through a seven-class course complete with 5 projects.

There are rewards for passing these projects. One can earn up to $3000 while still learning.



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