12 Questionable Things Elon Musk Has Done So Far

Gal Mux
5 min readMar 24, 2022
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Elon Musk is familiar to many.

After all, with an estimated networth of $ 220 billion, he is the current world’s richest man.

The billionaire is not a stranger to controversy. And very often, he gets embroiled in some questionable acts.

Let’s examine them.

Firing his assistant who asked for a raise

We all know that crazy story of Elon Musk firing Mary Beth his loyal assistant of 12 years simply because she asked for a raise.

I mean, every employee holds the right to ask for a raise. And management should hear them and figure out a way together.

Not Elon Musk.

Even though she had been working for him for over a decade and had been with him through some true lows personally and business wise, the assistant was quickly fired and replaced with several new hires.

What a way to reward loyalty!

Insinuating his then wife was dispensible to him

When commenting on the issue of firing the assistant who asked for a raise, Elon Musk’s ex-wife Justine Musk added that even she had been treated the same by her ex husband.

He had insinuated in their marriage that she was dispensable to him.

Musk’s habit of not giving proper value to the people in his life is questionable.

Forcing out the original founders of Tesla

We all associate Elon Musk with Tesla. But what many may not know is that the billionaire did not found the company that has helped propel him to the world’s richest man position.

After pumping a lot of his funds into Tesla Motors and with the company on the verge of collapse at that time, Musk forced out its original founders at took over leadership.

Even though it seems to have been a wise business decision based on the success Tesla has had so far, it wasn’t as smooth a transition as you might expect.

Musk was sued for slander in the process. An out of court settlement fixed the problem though and the billionaire has been in…

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